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Creative Phase 4

Creative Phase 4 with Pathway's Into Children's Publishing focussed on literature brief 4 working with Rotopol to create a 12 page laparello book and masterclasses in book production, publishing and creative practises. The Pathway's Into Children's Publishing programme for the 2023-2024 cohort began with a launch event, followed by Foundation Week which was a series of back-to-back workshops to jump-start our creativity before officially starting the programme which is split up into four parts (or 'Creative Phases') throughout year 1. You can read more about Creative Phase 3 here, Creative Phase 2 here and Creative Phase 1 here.

In our sessions every Friday and Saturday in Creative Phase 4 we've covered :

  • Watercolour - Ian Morris, MMU Lecturer, Illustrator

  • Editing - Rachel Kellehar, Kirsty Stansfield, Publishing Directors Nosy Crow

  • Papercut & Collage- Harriet Mummery, Artist and Lecturer, Jenni Saarenkyla, Illustrator and Lecturer, Arts University Bournemouth

  • Art Direction - Melana Stojic, Creative Director, Quarto

  • Book Production - Jane Seery, Production Director, Penguin Random House

This phase started with Literature Brief 4 and the autumn social held at Quarto headquarters in London, you can read more about that here. With a focus more on literature brief 4 (creating a 12pg laparello book) and information on production and the experience of working with publishing professionals I don't have as much sketchbook work to share for this phase, but I do have a ton of knowledge gained and some progress work on literature brief 4. 

We were also given the opportunity to create a spread illustration on the subject of climate change for an anthology featuring 50+ works created by some of the most incredible illustrators including Rob Biddulph, Joseph Coelho, Axel Scheffler, Nadia Shireen, David Baddiel, Benji Davies, Sophy Henn, Alex T. Smith to mention a few. Ten artworks submitted by Pathways alumni will be selected to be published and shared with 25 000 primary schools in the UK.

This was my submission, you can read more about the anthology and donate to the fundraising target here.

Looking forward to moving on to year two!

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