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Creative Phase 2

We've just finished Creative Phase 2 with Pathway's Into Children's Publishing (you can read more about Creative Phase 1 here) it was so full of workshops, info sessions and the introduction to our second literature brief!

The Pathway's Into Children's Publishing programme for the 2023-2025 cohort began with a launch event, followed by Foundation Week, a series of back-to-back workshop to jump-start our creativity before officially starting the programme which is split up into four parts (or 'Creative Phases') throughout year 1.

In our sessions every Friday and Saturday we've covered a huge range of subjects during Creative Phase 2 including:

  • Illustrating Place and Atmosphere - Benji Davis and David McDougall

  • IP Contract, Rights and Pay - AOI business masterclass team

  • Developing Concepts into Stories - David Litchfield, Katie Cotton, Magic Cat Publishing and Joe Todd Stanton and Harriet Birkinshaw, Anderson Press

  • Making Sequential Narratives - Alexis Deacon, Andrea MacDonald, Puffin Picture Books

  • Working with Writers - Smriti Halls and Steve Small

  • Hand Lettering and Typography - Bia Melo, Anna Robinette, Walker Books

  • Working with Colour - Viola Wang and Jenny Stephenson

  • Illustrating Picture Books - Yasmeen Ismail and Dominica Clements, Bonnier Books UK

  • Comics and Graphic Novels - Katrina Northern, Vintage Books and Isabel Greenberg

  • Illustrated Non-Fiction - Yuval Zommer and Kate Haynes, Thames and Hudson

Expanding on a lot of the character focussed work we did in Creative Phase 1, the workshops we've done in these sessions have been focussed on developing sequential narratives, place, atmosphere and broadening the scope of illustration in publishing from picture books to non-fiction and graphic novels.

I have sketchbooks full of scribbles, notes, ideas, marks and messes from the incredible workshops we've done over the past couple of months, this is just a very small handful.

Very excited to move into Creative Phase 3!

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