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Creative Phase 1

I was so excited to get started with the Pathways Into Children's Publishing programme and in the midst of progress for our first literature brief with Nosy Crow, I'm looking back and can't believe how much we've covered and the range of industry professionals we'v had the privilege to meet and learn from already.

Over sessions every Friday and Saturday we've covered a huge range of subjects including:

  • UK Children's Book Market - Booksellers Association, Nielsen, The Children's Bookshop, Roundtable Books

  • Representing Diversity - Harper Collins, Knights of Media, University of Glasgow

  • Introduction to Agents - Illo Agency, Arena Illustration, Writers House, The Bright Agency, Caroline Wakeman

  • International Children's Publishing - London Book Fair, Usborne, Nosy Crow, Penguin Random House, Mundoazul Books, Rotopol Press, Hyang Publishing, Limonero, Enchanted Lion Books, Topipittori, Art1st

  • Thinking Globally - David Litchfield, Nosy Crow, Penguin Random House, Jan Fearnley, Isabel Greenberg

  • Illustrating People - Jane Buckley Simon & Schuster, Sara Ogilvie, John Dargan

  • Illustrating Animals - Jane Buckley Simon & Schuster, Jan Fearnley

  • Bringing Characters to Life - Nick Lewis, Selom Sunu, Chante Timothy

  • Creating Visual Sequences with Characters - Scott McCloud, Ben Norland Walker Books, Viviane Schwarz

The workshops we've done in these sessions have been focussed on creating characters, mark making and finding our individual voices on the page.

I have sketchbooks full of scribbles, marks and messes from incredible workshops we've done over the past couple of months, these are just a very small handful.

Very excited to move into Creative Phase 2!

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