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Autumn Social Event

Updated: Jan 25

Last Friday we were invited to celebrate the culmination of literature brief 3 at Quarto headquarters in London.

The team were so friendly and welcoming, we started with a Q&A session between team at Quarto including Mike Henson - Senior Designer and Melana Stoic - Creative Director. We also took part in a fun drawing challenge where we had 15 mins to invent and create an insect.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about books, illustration, publishing. It was great to catch up with the other Pathways illustrators and spending some time getting to know the team at Happy Yak. I joined a few of the Pathways cohort for a drink and a catch-up at a pub nearby after the event. It was a really fun, interesting and creatively inspiring afternoon.

Huge thanks to the team at Happy Yak/Quarto for being such brilliantly friendly, generous, warm and welcoming hosts. Also to the Pathways team for setting this all up and finally to the other incredibly talented illustrators on the programme for being such a fun, supportive group.

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