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Creative Phase 3

Creative Phase 3 with Pathway's Into Children's Publishing was full of literature brief work, short courses and masterclasses. The Pathway's Into Children's Publishing programme for the 2023-2025 cohort began with a launch event, followed by Foundation Week which was a series of back-to-back workshops to jump-start our creativity before officially starting the programme which is split up into four parts (or 'Creative Phases') throughout year 1. You can read more about Creative Phase 2 here and Creative Phase 1 here.

In our sessions every Friday and Saturday we've covered a huge range of subjects during Creative Phase 3 including:

  • Constructing and Pacing Story - Zanna Davidson, Helen Lee, Osbourne Publishing and Geoffrey Grandfield, Kingston University

  • Developing your Writing - Lara Hancock, Pari Thomson, Bloomsbury Publishing and Robert Tregoning

  • Illustrating Fiction 1 - Elorine Grant, Harper collins and Steven Lenton

  • Illustrating Picture Books 2 - Natalie Russell, University of Dundee and Christine Blaney, University of Ulster

  • Illustrated fiction 2 - Ruthine Burton, Alex T. Smith, Andrew Spackman and Jay Taylor of Coventry University

  • Illustrated Non-fiction 2 - Nick Lewis, University of Sunderland and Vassiliki Tzomaka, university of Suffolk

  • Comics and Graphic Novels 2 - Marc Baines, Glascow School of Art and Sonia Leong

This phase started with Literature Brief 2 and ended with Literature Brief 3, leaving a lot more time to focus on these and less on workshops and info sessions. The workshops and areas that we explored expanded on things we had briefly covered in Creative Phase 2 and delved more deeply into them as well as looking at the construction and pacing of different kinds of books and fields of opportunity for illustration work. I have ever-growing sketchbooks full scribbles and sketches from the amazing short courses and workshops we've done over the past couple of months, this is just a very small handful.

Very excited to move into Creative Phase 4!

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