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I'm a children's writer and illustrator living with my wife, Sarah, and cat, Pawtia, in Hertfordshire, UK. 

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Working from a cosy studio (usually with a cat on my lap), I love drawing quirky, whimsical characters with silliness and depth inspired by nature, culture and the small things that make a big difference in everyday life. 


I’m drawn to crayons, the texture of coloured pencils, sketches and rough-cut collage-style drawings. I love playing with language, creating words and pictures that play well together.

I grew up in South Africa and Portugal where my scribbles and stories were awarded the high honour of a place on my parent’s fridge. As a groan-up, I settled in Hertfordshire, where I met my wife, our cat and my love of children’s illustration. 

I studied graphic design in London and am a self-taught illustrator. I completed a course in picture book writing and illustrating through Curtis Brown Creative in 2019-20. I was a 2022 AOI mentee, mentored by Caroline Thompson of Arena Illustration and I am currently part of the 2023-24 Pathways Into Children's Publishing mentee cohort.


I've had the urge to explore and follow every opportunity which has given me an eclectic work experience and source of inspiration to draw from. I've finally found all the adventure I need in a pencil, paper and the view from my studio window. 


Creating work that encourages resilience, imagination, empathy, courage, curiosity and a sense of wonder in the world is very important to me. As an LGBTQIA+ artist, creating stories that show everyone, in every way in our world influences the kind of art I make. 

When I'm not drawing I'm either reading, playing games,  listening to podcasts, eating sushi, drinking coffee, waking up way too early or watching the rain.  




Please get in touch to chat about all things illustration at

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