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Painting Pre-school

Last week I was very excited to be asked to brighten up the walls of pre-school room at Marmalade Cat Day Nursery. It came in perfect time, a good gap between two fairly big jobs but meant there was a very tight 5 day deadline to design, sketch and fully cover three walls.

The head of pre-school had asked for a fantasy land map full of fun characters that were diverse and interesting, characters that the children could identify themselves in. They wanted it to be colourful but not too bright with lots of little things to point and find.

These were the bare walls before I started and the pictures I used to base my initial sketches on.

I started with a rough sketch of how I planned to fill the walls.

Once the sketch was approved, I lightly pencilled the map directly onto the wall, leaving the characters for after the base colours of the land and sea were done.

I started painting the green and blue base colours - land and sea. Then slowly added characters and little details for grass and water movement.

The walls from start to finish took me 3 full days of painting! But it was great fun, the pre-school team were so appreciative and showered me in snacks and coffee to keep me going.

I've since had wonderful feedback from the team, it's been brilliant to hear about the children's favourite characters, the little details they've picked up and the discussions that have been inspired by some of the scenes.

Thanks Marmalade Cat - it was a really busy, fun week!

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