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3D LLama

I built, painted and doodled a 3D llama for my little studio space. It took approximately 9hours and involved lots of glue, mess, frustration and fun!

I started by painstakingly cutting out and folding each piece of cardboard. Then glued the corresponding numbers to eachother and slowly, an adorable llama snout appeared.

After a loooong time, lots of glue and some carefully selected 'emotive' words, I had built a full-sized llama head.

I then had to decide how I wanted to decorate him. I mulled over rainbow colours, painting some fur on him and a few other ideas that just didn't sit well until I started absent mindedly doodling on some paper and decided that was the way to go.

So I painted him white..

Then started to scribble and doodle without thinking too much..

It took a while but I enjoyed every mindful minute of it and I am so happy with how it turned out.

Larry, the Llama sits next to me in the studio now, watching me work, creeping me out late at night when I walk past the studio door half asleep and spot his outline in the moonlight.

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