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I've always wanted to go, it's been a childhood dream since, well, you know, childhood.

So when Sarah told me that we were planning a trip with family from Australia who we hadn't seen since pre-Covid, I was beyond excited.

It was everything and more than 6 year old me could have imagined. I regressed very quickly and immediately gave in to the magic of meeting the 'real' Captain Hook, Baloo the Bear and so many others.

I'm not a rides person at all so the queueing didn't affect my time and I felt no need to slide, drop or spin round anything. I was more than happy to be in charge of the pushchair and enjoy the same things our 2 year old nephew did - the atmosphere, parades, popcorn, characters, shows and just looking at everything.

It is so immersive, after a few days in I completely forgot that I had grown-up responsibilities outside of the happiest place on Earth and was almost convinced that my life now consisted only of buffet breakfasts where characters mischievously tried to one-up eachother, wandering around Cinderella's castle or visiting the dragon under it, bumping into characters I've always loved, exploring pirate caves and braving the suspension bridge or coming across a parade I didn't realise was happening.

It was also full of illustration inspiration and sparked a few exciting ideas!

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