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Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser

I've always loved Alice in Wonderland, as a huge nonsense verse fan, The Jabberwocky is one of my favourite excerpts from Through the Looking Glass so I was very excited to get tickets for the Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition at the V&A South Kensington.

Exploring its origins, adaptations and reinventions over 157 years, this immersive and theatrical show charted the evolution of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from manuscript to a global phenomenon beloved by all ages.

It was every bit a 'mind-bending journey into Wonderland' from the origins of the story, Lewis Carroll's life, following the various iterations of Alice through the years. From the books to films, fashion and the impact the stories have made, it was fascinating and inspiring from start to finish.

The interactive elements of the exhibition were so much fun and the changing Cheshire Cat was a massive highlight of the exhibition for me.

Definitely worth checking this one out, you can get tickets here, the exhibition is running until 31 December.

Take a peek down the rabbit hole here.

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