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Tring Radio

A few months ago Luke Aldridge got in touch to say some very nice things about my illustration work and to ask if I would like to work with him on a comic book he was writing. After a few attempts at a coffee meeting were thwarted by covid restrictions we finally met on Zoom for a chat about all things creative.

Luke had recently joined Tring radio as the presenter of a lunch show called the Geek Hour where he chats with guests about whatever it is they want to geek out about. He asked if I would like to be a guest on the show to talk picture books, creativity and he set me the monumental task of choosing my favourite picture book and movie to talk about.

The show was really fun to do, as a funk fan I love the music he plays on his show and as a Tring local, it was brilliant to be part of something supporting our community!

You can hear my chat with Luke here. You can find out more about Tring Radio here and more about Luke on his Facebook page and website.

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